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 In the valley with a gun

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In the valley with a gun Empty
PostSubject: In the valley with a gun   In the valley with a gun Icon_minitime2/25/2009, 9:02 pm

bobba9001 (5:38:49 PM): Adolf fucking hitler
sk8rgurl4evr2006 (5:38:58 PM): heyy
bobba9001 (5:39:15 PM): Swoopy emo dreamy boy haircut
sk8rgurl4evr2006 (5:39:22 PM): ?
bobba9001 (5:39:36 PM): Huh jeez
sk8rgurl4evr2006 (5:39:42 PM): ?
bobba9001 (5:39:52 PM): BOMB THIS TRACK
sk8rgurl4evr2006 signed off at 5:40:09 PM.
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In the valley with a gun
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