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 Remember the Frank

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PostSubject: Remember the Frank   Remember the Frank Icon_minitime2/25/2009, 9:46 pm

(He apparently killed himself. FINALLY, someone takes my advice!)
bobba9001 (11:05:36 PM): Why do you avoid my questions?
VeeCrawn (11:05:44 PM): Ask ahead
VeeCrawn (11:05:50 PM): www.fullyfrank.com
VeeCrawn (11:05:52 PM): think the story rocks?
bobba9001 (11:05:59 PM): I'm not clicking it
VeeCrawn (11:06:03 PM): dude its my blog
VeeCrawn (11:06:06 PM): google fullyfrank
bobba9001 (11:06:10 PM): you're Frank?
bobba9001 (11:06:19 PM): Like
VeeCrawn (11:06:24 PM): yes
bobba9001 (11:06:26 PM): Frank the admin of CP?
bobba9001 (11:06:28 PM): HOLY
bobba9001 (11:06:31 PM): SHIT
VeeCrawn (11:06:43 PM): :P
bobba9001 (11:06:59 PM): How the hell?
bobba9001 (11:07:11 PM): How do you know stealthpentia?
VeeCrawn (11:08:12 PM): Im in
bobba9001 (11:08:22 PM): In what
bobba9001 (11:08:52 PM): Mmmm
bobba9001 (11:11:26 PM): Tell me your secrets you hold
VeeCrawn (11:11:38 PM): Huh
bobba9001 (11:11:51 PM): Well
bobba9001 (11:12:02 PM): First I want to know how you got my AIM screenname
bobba9001 (11:12:06 PM): Not this one
bobba9001 (11:12:10 PM): But Imma
bobba9001 (11:12:40 PM): No no
bobba9001 (11:12:42 PM): This one
bobba9001 (11:12:46 PM): How'd you get it
VeeCrawn (11:12:52 PM): magic
bobba9001 (11:12:53 PM): In the first place
bobba9001 (11:12:57 PM): MMMMM
bobba9001 (11:13:01 PM): YOU'RE MAGIC
VeeCrawn (11:13:13 PM): http://www.fullyfrank.com/page/2
VeeCrawn (11:13:15 PM): this one rocks
bobba9001 (11:14:48 PM): I read the thing about bagels
bobba9001 (11:14:59 PM): Back on topic
bobba9001 (11:15:03 PM): Stealth
bobba9001 (11:15:05 PM): Who is he
VeeCrawn (11:15:07 PM): go ahead on bagels
bobba9001 (11:15:41 PM): Is he you?
bobba9001 (11:15:44 PM): Or a friend
bobba9001 (11:18:54 PM): Go on
bobba9001 (11:19:37 PM): You don't know him?
bobba9001 (11:21:56 PM): That's what I thought son
bobba9001 (11:22:28 PM): So
bobba9001 (11:22:40 PM): Why don't you join the army
bobba9001 (11:25:05 PM): It would solve your money problems
bobba9001 (11:28:38 PM): Not answering my questions
bobba9001 (11:28:42 PM): ):<
VeeCrawn signed off at 11:30:09 PM.
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bobba9001 (11:31:09 PM): BREEEEEH
VeeCrawn is unable to receive offline IMs.
VeeCrawn (11:37:49 PM): Sorry bout that
VeeCrawn (11:37:54 PM): life is crap to me recently
bobba9001 (11:38:11 PM): Well you scammed a lot of people so
bobba9001 (11:38:16 PM): That's karma\
VeeCrawn (11:38:52 PM): true but then again
VeeCrawn (11:38:54 PM): a lot of people scammed me
bobba9001 (11:39:03 PM): Wel then you kick their asses
VeeCrawn (11:39:12 PM): Thats the fun point
VeeCrawn (11:39:13 PM): I cant
VeeCrawn (11:39:18 PM): Im under strict supervising from the police
bobba9001 (11:39:30 PM): Then you shouldn't have stolen so much shit
VeeCrawn (11:39:42 PM): I was scammed before I was stolen
VeeCrawn (11:39:46 PM): The reason police checked is
VeeCrawn (11:39:47 PM): because
VeeCrawn (11:39:52 PM): the people who scammed me accused me
VeeCrawn (11:39:55 PM): and make me have the burden
bobba9001 (11:40:14 PM): Ho does one end up in this situation
bobba9001 (11:40:18 PM): How*
bobba9001 (11:40:20 PM): Like
VeeCrawn (11:40:26 PM): Its my parents. Always accused me of shit
VeeCrawn (11:40:30 PM): If I told them I got beaten at kids
VeeCrawn (11:40:38 PM): they would say "Well you looked for it, its your fault"
bobba9001 (11:40:58 PM): Well then your life has sucked
bobba9001 (11:42:41 PM): Like where did you go to, to find these people
VeeCrawn (11:42:55 PM): People found me dont worry
VeeCrawn (11:43:02 PM): i was always a kind of rejected kid. dunno why
VeeCrawn (11:43:07 PM): scamming has been how i got revenge
bobba9001 (11:43:28 PM): What about gober
bobba9001 (11:43:33 PM): Why'd you scam him?
VeeCrawn (11:43:37 PM): rwgober?
bobba9001 (11:43:39 PM): Yes
VeeCrawn (11:43:41 PM): what did i do
bobba9001 (11:44:11 PM): Something about gaia, and 300 dollars
VeeCrawn (11:44:24 PM): sorry, i dont know what youre takling about.
bobba9001 (11:44:48 PM): I'll ask him
bobba9001 (11:45:09 PM): So what happened to CP?
bobba9001 (11:45:17 PM): where did it all go wrong?

VeeCrawn (11:45:19 PM): sued?
VeeCrawn (11:45:21 PM): unbanner
bobba9001 (11:45:35 PM): Is that even working?
bobba9001 (11:45:42 PM): Does it exist?
bobba9001 (11:46:35 PM): The unbanner
VeeCrawn (11:46:46 PM): It exists and it works
VeeCrawn (11:46:49 PM): just not well
VeeCrawn (11:47:01 PM): it's mysql injection. We change some pages to inject vicious code
VeeCrawn (11:47:03 PM): joke found out about it
bobba9001 (11:47:24 PM): How'd you get booted off your own site?
bobba9001 (11:47:29 PM): Oh yeah
bobba9001 (11:47:32 PM): They bought it
bobba9001 (11:47:36 PM): Cri, and people
VeeCrawn (11:47:44 PM): By who?
bobba9001 (11:47:57 PM): Gober said that Cri bought CP from you
VeeCrawn (11:48:04 PM): that was a long time ago
bobba9001 (11:48:16 PM): Like 4 years
bobba9001 (11:48:19 PM): if that
VeeCrawn (11:48:32 PM): chaos is theorically bankrupt
bobba9001 (11:49:10 PM): And it pays every month
VeeCrawn (11:49:16 PM): nope
bobba9001 (11:49:18 PM): :O
VeeCrawn (11:49:21 PM): we're never made any money
VeeCrawn (11:49:23 PM): believe it or not
bobba9001 (11:49:43 PM): How the fuck
VeeCrawn (11:49:53 PM): chaos
VeeCrawn (11:49:56 PM): has been a giant nightmare
bobba9001 (11:50:03 PM): Hence the name
bobba9001 (11:51:12 PM): How does it remain running?
VeeCrawn (11:53:20 PM): my cash
VeeCrawn (11:53:22 PM): my wallet
bobba9001 (11:53:30 PM): You pay for it?
bobba9001 (11:53:44 PM): Even though cri bought it
VeeCrawn (11:53:59 PM): its complex
bobba9001 (11:54:06 PM): Sems like it
bobba9001 (11:54:15 PM): seems*
VeeCrawn (11:55:03 PM): to make a short story
VeeCrawn (11:55:06 PM): i have stocks in the company
VeeCrawn (11:55:10 PM): i own the company as much as cri
VeeCrawn (11:55:13 PM): i put myself back in it
bobba9001 (11:55:23 PM): CP is a company
bobba9001 (11:55:35 PM): You can buy stocks in CP?
bobba9001 (11:55:40 PM): What the hell
VeeCrawn (11:55:51 PM): yes
VeeCrawn (11:55:55 PM): I have two millions shares
VeeCrawn (11:55:58 PM): Joke has 2,5
VeeCrawn (11:56:02 PM): Bill 150 millions
VeeCrawn (11:56:05 PM): cri 2 millions
VeeCrawn (11:56:14 PM): There are 200,000,000 shares outstanding right now
VeeCrawn (11:56:21 PM): There is another 50,000,000 in warrants
VeeCrawn (11:56:26 PM): I own 10m in warrants
VeeCrawn (11:56:28 PM): cri only 1
bobba9001 (11:56:38 PM): 1 million?
bobba9001 (11:56:40 PM): or just 1
VeeCrawn (11:56:43 PM): 1 million
VeeCrawn (11:56:49 PM): i think ill make a post on our forum
VeeCrawn (11:56:50 PM): its interesting
bobba9001 (11:56:58 PM): CP?
VeeCrawn (11:57:04 PM): yes
bobba9001 (11:57:50 PM): So
bobba9001 (11:57:52 PM): SW
bobba9001 (11:57:55 PM): Who are they
bobba9001 (11:58:02 PM): and why do they hate CP?
VeeCrawn (11:58:08 PM): Dunno
VeeCrawn (11:58:10 PM): a bunch of kids
bobba9001 (11:58:41 PM): Aren't ALL of your enimies little kids?
VeeCrawn (12:01:24 AM): yep
bobba9001 (12:01:31 AM): So you're saying you have no ties to bodaciousned
VeeCrawn (12:07:26 AM): http://chaosprogramming.com/forum/showthread.php?p=374#post374
VeeCrawn (12:07:27 AM): here
VeeCrawn (12:07:29 AM): explains it all
bobba9001 (12:09:46 AM): That did explain most of my questions
VeeCrawn (12:10:00 AM): Excellent then
VeeCrawn (12:10:04 AM): like the part that said I lost 80% ?
VeeCrawn (12:10:14 AM): Can you believe
VeeCrawn (12:10:19 AM): I lost 30,000$ on chaos
VeeCrawn (12:10:28 AM): wait wait wait wait wait no
VeeCrawn (12:10:31 AM): theres worse than that
bobba9001 (12:10:38 AM): I more shocked as to how YOU made 30,000 to begin with
VeeCrawn (12:10:44 AM): theres an employee would left and sold me her 200,000 stocks
VeeCrawn (12:10:46 AM): for 100$
VeeCrawn (12:10:50 AM): and she thought she was making a good deal
VeeCrawn (12:11:00 AM): the 30,000$?
VeeCrawn (12:11:01 AM): borrowed
VeeCrawn (12:11:02 AM): bank
bobba9001 (12:11:08 AM): HYEIGH
bobba9001 (12:11:20 AM): Sucks for you
VeeCrawn (12:11:23 AM): WOW YOU FINALLY GET IT
VeeCrawn (12:11:45 AM): I DOUBT ILL EVEN GET 1,000$ FOR THEM FROM CRI
VeeCrawn (12:11:54 AM): ah forgive me
bobba9001 (12:11:57 AM): Sokay
VeeCrawn (12:12:06 AM): its finished
bobba9001 (12:12:10 AM): CP?
VeeCrawn (12:12:27 AM): yes
VeeCrawn (12:12:30 AM): no
bobba9001 (12:12:31 AM): You're stocks are worth a fraction of a penny
VeeCrawn (12:12:33 AM): cp might survive
VeeCrawn (12:12:35 AM): i am finished
bobba9001 (12:12:39 AM): Of course it's done with
bobba9001 (12:12:43 AM): Not you
bobba9001 (12:12:46 AM): I mean
VeeCrawn (12:12:53 AM): i cant even go bankrupt
bobba9001 (12:12:53 AM): You're like 20 something
VeeCrawn (12:13:01 AM): so it will follow me all my life
VeeCrawn (12:13:03 AM): until i pay it back
VeeCrawn (12:13:07 AM): which will b enever probably
bobba9001 (12:13:26 AM): Well this debt will follow your kids to
VeeCrawn (12:14:04 AM): dude
VeeCrawn (12:14:07 AM): if THIS was my only problem
VeeCrawn (12:14:08 AM): id be happy
bobba9001 (12:14:15 AM): Dude
VeeCrawn (12:14:17 AM): im sick
bobba9001 (12:14:25 AM): Serious Cold?
bobba9001 (12:14:27 AM): Lupus?
bobba9001 (12:14:30 AM): Cancer?
bobba9001 (12:14:34 AM): What is it
VeeCrawn (12:14:49 AM): head trauma
VeeCrawn (12:14:51 AM): brain trauma
bobba9001 (12:17:59 AM): Take medicane?
VeeCrawn (12:18:12 AM): There is no med for head dammage
bobba9001 (12:18:16 AM): Well
bobba9001 (12:18:20 AM): There IS
bobba9001 (12:18:28 AM): It's like not meds
bobba9001 (12:18:29 AM): But
VeeCrawn (12:18:34 AM): op
VeeCrawn (12:18:36 AM): is my only chance
VeeCrawn (12:18:38 AM): but
VeeCrawn (12:18:40 AM): i cant afford it
bobba9001 (12:18:40 AM): It'll make you think less about the trauma
VeeCrawn (12:18:43 AM): it will have to wait
bobba9001 (12:18:44 AM): No
bobba9001 (12:18:52 AM): I'm talking bout da weed
VeeCrawn (12:19:02 AM): If I could find some
VeeCrawn (12:19:05 AM): id gladly smoke it
bobba9001 (12:19:14 AM): I'll find you some
VeeCrawn (12:19:22 AM): id appreciate
VeeCrawn (12:19:27 AM): remember that I cant really leave my appartment
VeeCrawn (12:19:31 AM): not for too long
bobba9001 (12:19:34 AM): Well
bobba9001 (12:19:45 AM): I live in the states, and I'm not coming up there
bobba9001 (12:21:12 AM): So
bobba9001 (12:21:18 AM): How would this go down?
VeeCrawn (12:21:38 AM): ?
bobba9001 (12:21:49 AM): How would I send you teh weed
VeeCrawn (12:21:59 AM): sure
VeeCrawn (12:22:01 AM): postal mail
VeeCrawn (12:22:04 AM): even if i get arrested
VeeCrawn (12:22:07 AM): cant get in more shit than now
bobba9001 (12:22:38 AM): Well they feed you, and prison isn't that bad in canada
bobba9001 (12:22:43 AM): It's cold
bobba9001 (12:22:46 AM): but
bobba9001 (12:22:54 AM): You get a rommie
bobba9001 (12:22:59 AM): roomie*
bobba9001 (12:24:00 AM): Are you crazy?
VeeCrawn (12:25:55 AM): kind of
VeeCrawn (12:26:01 AM): no one could support so much pressure
bobba9001 (12:26:43 AM): I think you should write a book abou all of this
VeeCrawn (12:26:51 AM): i know
VeeCrawn (12:26:57 AM): www.fullyfrank.com
VeeCrawn (12:26:58 AM): practice
bobba9001 (12:27:20 AM): That whole blog could half a book already
VeeCrawn (12:29:36 AM): i know
bobba9001 (12:29:40 AM): Son
VeeCrawn (12:29:44 AM): theres some quality stuff on it too
VeeCrawn (12:29:46 AM): look for
VeeCrawn (12:29:48 AM): queen of scammer
bobba9001 (12:29:49 AM): That could make you some jewgolds son
VeeCrawn (12:29:56 AM): im not interested about money anymore
VeeCrawn (12:31:44 AM): i have to go
VeeCrawn (12:31:45 AM): good night
VeeCrawn signed off at 12:31:51 AM.
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bobba9001 (12:32:06 AM): Okay
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Remember the Frank
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