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 Talking to Myself

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PostSubject: Talking to Myself   Talking to Myself Icon_minitime2/26/2009, 6:37 pm

AoriaHyeighmos: FIRE
AoriaHyeighmos: SLENDERNESS
AoriaHyeighmos: SLENDERNESS
AoriaHyeighmos: FIRE
AoriaHyeighmos: SLENDERNESS
AoriaHyeighmos: SLENDERNESS
AoriaHyeighmos: Is you am a dog?
AoriaHyeighmos: Is you got a dog?
AoriaHyeighmos: Oh, close the jar.
AoriaHyeighmos: Thank you, thank you.
AoriaHyeighmos: And for my next trick...
AoriaHyeighmos: I will be pulling a rabbit out of my dick.
AoriaHyeighmos: This may sting and quite possibly kill me.
AoriaHyeighmos: But hey.
AoriaHyeighmos: Your pube chin has seen worse, right?
AoriaHyeighmos: Right.
AoriaHyeighmos: Okay, so now we will reach our hand up through the penis.
AoriaHyeighmos: And yes, it must be erect for this to work.
AoriaHyeighmos: And now we will sprinkle our cock with salt, for taste.
AoriaHyeighmos: Okay, now shove your hand into your penis and pull out whatever you can.
AoriaHyeighmos: Voila!
AoriaHyeighmos: You have just made a fondue.
AoriaHyeighmos: Now put that shit in a bowl and enjoy.
AoriaHyeighmos: Goodnight, everybody!

Talking to Myself Thstopthat
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Talking to Myself
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