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 I fly solo now

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PostSubject: I fly solo now   I fly solo now Icon_minitime2/25/2009, 8:48 pm

Me (4:42:47 PM): (goatse link)
Me (4:43:19 PM): y halo thar
x0HeatherBbyx0 (4:43:31 PM): wow.
Me (4:43:41 PM): don't mess with goatse
x0HeatherBbyx0 (4:43:54 PM): wow
x0HeatherBbyx0 (4:45:27 PM): umm 4 sending me that u could get in trouble cuz my dad is a cop. so stop being gay
x0HeatherBbyx0 signed off at 5:01:44 PM.
x0HeatherBbyx0 signed on at 5:02:31 PM.
Me (5:02:43 PM): you click a link that a starnger sent you?
Me (5:02:55 PM): What logic does that make
Me (5:03:09 PM): *backhand of justice*
x0HeatherBbyx0 signed off at 5:03:14 PM.
x0HeatherBbyx0 signed on at 5:07:12 PM.
Me (5:08:06 PM): (meatspin link disguised as a youtube link)
Me (5:08:51 PM): Don't worry it's youtube
Me (5:10:00 PM): pwned
x0HeatherBbyx0 (5:10:14 PM): u know im not gonna click on it so go get a liffeeee and stop TRYING 2 ruin other peoples (key word is trying)
Me (5:10:40 PM): You love too see that meat spin
(she clicked it and then denied it what a whore. She remembered the im above that said she was stupid for clicking a link from a stranger)
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I fly solo now
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