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 Memes and such Part1

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Memes and such Part1 Empty
PostSubject: Memes and such Part1   Memes and such Part1 Icon_minitime3/26/2009, 5:04 pm

(So basically I have to teach some faggots they're not cool.)
Yaycamels: so, guys
Mymainmanjay: What is this?
Yaycamels: i herd u liek mudkipz? (My immediate thought that his was a donny clone)
ABCDPaintballer: buttsex fiesta (and him)
Mymainmanjay: SHUT UP
ABCDPaintballer: my main manjay i love you
Mymainmanjay: Awesome
ABCDPaintballer: i want you all tender like =D
Mymainmanjay: NO U
Yaycamels: You guys are noobs
Mymainmanjay: Newfag
Mymainmanjay: gtfo
journeyman351: NEWFAG?
journeyman351: WHO IS THIS
journeyman351: GTFO YOU PROBBALY LIKE BOXXY (A bad meme)
Yaycamels: lulz who said Newfag
Mymainmanjay: NO U
Yaycamels: probably a big fan of yaoi
Mymainmanjay: NO U
journeyman351: GTFO NEWFAG!
Mymainmanjay: NO U
journeyman351: typical newfag response
Mymainmanjay: NO U
Yaycamels: lewl
journeyman351: xD
Mymainmanjay: NO U
Ifuckcamels: all i can fucking say
Mymainmanjay: NO U
Yaycamels: is that somewhere
Yaycamels: Somehow
Yaycamels: edison is stealing ideas right now
Mymainmanjay: NO U
Yaycamels: Lol
journeyman351: shes fails
journeyman351: CANCER (This is where I caught on to them being unfunny faggorts)
Mymainmanjay: No
Yaycamels: lol
journeyman351: im actually rick astley (...really...)
Mymainmanjay: camels is cancer
Yaycamels: Am i
Mymainmanjay: Yes
Yaycamels: I am legion
journeyman351: lolwut?
journeyman351: its not "a cancer"
Mymainmanjay: mudkips were never funny
Yaycamels: Whats?
Yaycamels: you mean mudkipz? (it doesn't matter)
Mymainmanjay: MUDKIPS
journeyman351: go suck my pingas
Mymainmanjay: =UNFUNNY
Yaycamels: LOL PINGAS
Mymainmanjay: PINGAS?
ABCDPaintballer: fuck mudkips, pilups are the shit
Mymainmanjay: fag
journeyman351: lmfao tim we gota chill again
Yaycamels: So
Yaycamels: does this mean
Yaycamels: you were previously in acdc (Yeah him and donny would get along juuust fine)
Yaycamels: got kicked out
journeyman351: i can has buttsecks?
Mymainmanjay: none for you
journeyman351: D=
Mymainmanjay: also cocks
journeyman351: lol disregard that, i suck cocks
Mymainmanjay: Cool fag
ABCDPaintballer: hmmm sorry i dont know numbers either
Mymainmanjay: No one cares about that
Yaycamels: I do.
Mymainmanjay: other than fags
Mymainmanjay: SHUT UP
(pokemon discussion)
oldskoolrace1022: pokemon is gay
journeyman351: I BEAT YOU ALL
Yaycamels: no its not
Yaycamels: leave chat
Yaycamels: shut the fuck up oldskool
ABCDPaintballer: pokemon is not gay!
Mymainmanjay: pokemon is the shit
Yaycamels: im an elitist prick ill fucking rape you
Yaycamels: i will tear you apart
Yaycamels: leave
ABCDPaintballer: pokemon made my life worth living
Yaycamels: Yes
Yaycamels: +1 (there is no post count on AIM)
Yaycamels: Win
journeyman351: it is a shinny (Shinny is the word of the day by the way)
ABCDPaintballer: i would own u all if pokemon were real so fuck off
Yaycamels: fight me
ABCDPaintballer: alrite
Mymainmanjay: ;3
journeyman351: id punch ur pokeballs off
Mymainmanjay: I think you mean rip
journeyman351: lol dude, pools closed
journeyman351: OMFG
journeyman351: BOXXY
journeyman351: SHOULD
journeyman351: DIE
Mymainmanjay: Pool closure?
Yaycamels: oh hai
Yaycamels: http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/Image:I_heard_you_like_boxxy.jpg (Shut up about that already, fuck)
journeyman351: yes, the pool is closed
Mymainmanjay: Why?
journeyman351: LOL I SAW THAT
Mymainmanjay: Ohh ED I see
journeyman351: b/c of aids
Mymainmanjay: No shut up
Yaycamels: The only aids i have
Yaycamels: begins with an r
Yaycamels: and ends with eveeryone pissed and g quitting
journeyman351: while boxxy may be hot, she is FUCKING CANCER
Mymainmanjay: You can't talk of /r/aids untill you join in on one
journeyman351: I WAS IN ONE NIGGER
Mymainmanjay: :O
Mymainmanjay: RLY?
Mymainmanjay: kewl
Yaycamels: so you liek santorum
journeyman351: YES! I SMALL ONE ON BL_GTV
Mymainmanjay: go away
ABCDPaintballer: make me
Mymainmanjay: Not you
Mymainmanjay: faggort
ABCDPaintballer: fuck u
Mymainmanjay: Sad
journeyman351: a faggort?
Mymainmanjay: FAGGORTS
Mymainmanjay: ALL OF YOU
journeyman351: LOL WHATS A FAGGORT?
Mymainmanjay: FAGGORTS
journeyman351: http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/Boxxy
journeyman351: SAGE
journeyman351: SAGE
journeyman351: SAGE
journeyman351: SAGE
journeyman351: SAGE
Mymainmanjay: That's not sage
oldskoolrace1022: yea ok im leavin bye
Mymainmanjay: bitch
Mymainmanjay: ;D
oldskoolrace1022: whore
Mymainmanjay: D:
oldskoolrace1022: lol
Yaycamels: GUYS
Yaycamels: SAGE
Yaycamels: /gquit
Yaycamels: leave 1
Yaycamels: /leave 1
Yaycamels: /leave 2
Yaycamels: /leave 3
Yaycamels: /leave 4
Yaycamels: /leave 5
journeyman351: lololol
Yaycamels: /leave 6
Yaycamels: why isnt this working
Mymainmanjay: Frank, is this where you've been picking your faggotry up from?
Yaycamels: alt + f4
Mymainmanjay: What with the shoop
Yaycamels: BSOD
ABCDPaintballer: cause they dont like u and they like her
ABCDPaintballer: hahaha
Yaycamels: shoop is old
Yaycamels: are you that behind
Mymainmanjay: Yes
Mymainmanjay: No
journeyman351: LOL
journeyman351: HOLD ON
journeyman351: I GO TO SCHOOL
journeyman351: WITH THE DUDE
journeyman351: WHO MADE
journeyman351: LASER COLLECTION
Mymainmanjay: Fuck you
journeyman351: NO FUCKING LIE
journeyman351: DOM FERA
journeyman351: GCIT
journeyman351: ASK KELSEY
journeyman351: HE R MADE MEME (Don? You didn't make a meme.)
Mymainmanjay: Laser collection sucked assholes
journeyman351: well it started SHOOP DA WHOOP
Mymainmanjay: No it didn't
journeyman351: yes it did?
Mymainmanjay: Go away
journeyman351: thats what its from you newfag
Mymainmanjay: NO U
journeyman351: /b/ took it in
Mymainmanjay: NO U
ABCDPaintballer: well im tired nd cranky by cheecky whore slut basterd niggers
ABCDPaintballer has left the room.
Mymainmanjay: one less faggot
journeyman351: HOLD ON BOSS FIGHT
Don Scavelli 69: OK MAN
Mymainmanjay: Shut up
journeyman351: Yaycamels (9:35:33 PM): BEING RATE LIMITED SUCKS
Yaycamels (9:35:33 PM): encyclopediadramatica.com plz
Yaycamels (9:35:36 PM): TELL THEM I SAYS THIS
journeyman351: OKAY WE WIPED
Mymainmanjay: One fucking meme after another is not funny
Mymainmanjay: and it doesn't help that they weren't funny to begin with
journeyman351: GTFO NIGGER
Mymainmanjay: NO U
journeyman351: UNDERAGE B& BITCH
Mymainmanjay: I wasn't banned.
journeyman351: YOU SHOULD BE
Mymainmanjay: What the fuck
journeyman351: B/C UR UNDERAGE
Mymainmanjay: :O
Mymainmanjay: LOL NO WAI
journeyman351: SO UNDERAGE B&
Mymainmanjay: You're a fucking faggot
journeyman351: i shall trace your IP n get joo B&
Mymainmanjay: ONOEZ
journeyman351: NO CP FOR YOU
Mymainmanjay: IP TRACERS *fapfapfap*
Mymainmanjay: AMIRITE
journeyman351: franky who is this kid btw?
Mymainmanjay: /B/ROTHERS?
Mymainmanjay: HURF?
journeyman351: lowercase kthanx
Mymainmanjay: CAPS LOCK
Don Scavelli 69: idk some kid i met over ABS forums
Mymainmanjay: UNLEASH TEH FURY
Yaycamels has left the room.
journeyman351: LAWL hes a /b/tard. you dont even know him irl
Mymainmanjay: YEAH!
Don Scavelli 69: exactly
journeyman351: wow lol

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Memes and such Part1
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